This is the handbook for our Model-1 analog computer, German version!

Application Notes

The following section contains links to analog computer application notes (humorously known as "alpacas" in-house) which describe practical applications of analog computers such as the implementation of chaotic attractors etc. This section will get extended at irregular intervals so check from time to time for new publications.


This is the first article in the series "Analog Computer Applications" by Analog Paradigm. This issue covers the so-called Rössler-attractor and its implementation on an analog computer in detail. Happy analog computing!


This second issue of "Analog Computer Applications" deals with the well-known Lorenz attractor. Happy analog computing!


This third issue "Analog Computer Applications" describes the basics and implementation of a so-called Chua-oscillator.


The fourth issue of "Analog Computer Applications" deals with conformal mappings and the simulation of airflow around cylinders and Joukowsky airfoils.


The fifth issue of "Analog Computer Applications" describes a high-speed simulation of a bouncing ball.


"Zombie Apocalypse Now" - simulate a world infested by zombies with an analog computer.


Simulation of a damped pendulum with an external forcing function yielding chaotic behavior.


Nonlinear chaos based on an absolute value function.


Computation of a ballistic trajectory with velocity dependent drag.


Application note #10 deals with Mathieu's differential equation.




Currently, there are two modern textbooks on analog computing available, one in German, the other one in English. Both cover basically the same topics in comparable depth and not only give a thorough account of the historical development of analog computing as such but serve also as a first introduction to programming analog computers. The one shown on the left is the english edition of "Analog Computing".




Die links gezeigte deutsche Ausgabe trägt den Titel "Analogrechner: Wunderwerke der Technik - Grundlagen, Geschichte und Anwendungen und entspricht hinsichtlich ihres Inhaltes und Umfanges im Wesentlichen der englischsprachigen Ausgabe.